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tv   [untitled]    July 18, 2013 9:00pm-9:31pm PDT

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our rules committee meeting for thursday july 18th. 2000 - not yet. now we can start. okay. welcome to our rules committee meeting i'm supervisor yee i'll be chairing though meeting. and to my right to supervisor
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yee my apologizes for being late may public meeting ran late this morning into the afternoon. the committee would also - okay. today's clerk is linda. and we want to acknowledge the staff at sftv (calling names) who record each of our meetings and make the transcripts available to the public on line >> any announcements. >> yes mr. chair. be sure to silence any electronics and any documents should be submitted to the clerk >> great. >> item number one. >> item number one all members
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to the entertainment commission and there's one applicant. >> i believe it's - would you like to have a brief word about yourself. >> thank you for hearing me today. i have 18 years in the department of public health. i've worked in all various areas of night clubs throughout my 18 years of working in public health. i've been serve on the entertainment commission in the public health seat filing in for the last 9 months. i've learned a lot and i'm just feeling like i'm getting my
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tried first year there are many, many projects i'll to commit to in the next four years >> okay. >> is that it? >> sure any questions. >> any questions? supervisor breed we're joined by supervisor cowen >> thank you. i justice wanted to - one of the more recent challenges we have in the night life community is over crowding first year i'm also concerned as someone who goes tonight claubz they've over capacity and not enough room to get out if increases a fire. i, you know, the fire department spends a lot of times randomly
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visit clubs to try and deal with capacity adversaries. i'm wondering a what's our feelings about those things to make sure that club goers will save >> well patron safety a of utmost concern. i've been looking at with an overall goal of night club safety and intooin safety. we've piloted this study with a handful of clubs and we're looking at how to unrole there board interference with night clubs. this is will a process of working with the clubs in the various city officials of what
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makes a holistic safety capacity for the clubs >> can you tell me what you believe the club owners responsibility is when they reach capacity and folks are outside and there's challenges there were they believe if they're not in our club they're not our responsibility. what double the club owners responsibility is also when they let everyone out of their clubs in terms of crowd control >> the entertainment commission we put forward conditions on clubs they're responsible for a certain area outside of their club and monitoring safety of that outside area. so i believe that club owners are responsible. i think that we need to work
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with the clubs - the entertainment commission needs to work with the clubs whether or not it's the fire department or police department on how better to address the offer selling events. as some place who loves night clubs and entertainment i won solution is to open more night clubs >> well, you know that some promoters are more effective in troifk clubs pr i'm going to go to the most popular place. so in terms of over and over selling that might be a challenge because everyone wants to be at the best party.
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again most of my concern centers around safety being in those kinds of situations and wanting the promoterss and the club owners to be more responsible in the people participating in their activities and eye i want to address that in moving forward in general >> off the top of my head i would say that regarding clubs that have good policies and best practices and using them as models and figuring out where the chambers are and lifting up their standards which is one the designs of interference i've worked on is how to set best practices. and to not - to balance incentives with penaltytion.
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i know it's a fine line in the club it have a club environment that feels it's popular as opposed to too empty. i don't know if i have the best answer to that question and i i think it's a pretty good answer to try to potentially that could lead to policy where there's incentives for good behavior and there's penalties for bad behavior >> thank you. >> i'm just wondering there are clubs that don't open every night and they want to or they rent it out to promoters of
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certain things and one of the clubs they have the policy to have the security guards outside that's fine about when when we rent out for a day or a weekly basis to a promoter a lot of times they don't have security has that been a problem? and where the commission has discussed where to address that issue? >> well, i've been on the commission for 9 months and i've seen that issue come up once or twice and it's a condition we place depending upon the venue that they have guard card security either all night
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they're open or on friday, saturday and accentuated in regards to whether or not there's an outside promoter. it's not a cookie cutter approach but we have fair standards first year we look at what the club history is and where the community might have concerned and we might have to modify conditions >> so if i'm - first place a promoter then i don't have to do anything unless somebody tells me do do something at this point. >> we're asking - well, the entertainment commission times all promoters to be registered and their required to meet the standards of the venue but ultimately, the venue that has the permit is responsible for
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whatever happens in their venue even if though hire an outside promoter. >> okay. any other questions? >> thank you. >> thank you. >> is there any public comments at this point? come on up you have two minutes >> hi good afternoon. i'm barry i go to a lot of clubs i have in the past. and i watch the entertainment meetings i have to say in the last two months she can handle the learning curve very quickly so she knows how to schizophrenia ask the appropriate the questions and for people applying for permits. i urge you to amaze appoint her
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and i think you should allow her to continue to serving this sector of public health. chevy's over seen a population that's been underserved and it's important she bring that prospective to the commission because night clubs should be open for everyone not the rich but people who want to go out and have a good time whether it's a street fair or festival. i think you should reappoint her. regarding this issue of overcrowding it is important to look at the fire department it's up to them to do the assembly permits and look at the proper number of people and for the
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security staff and the vendor owners to make sure they keep track of how many people are there. i just also that it is the vendors responsibility regarding the - anyway, i appreciate our time and i hope i support her. thank you >> supervisors i'm a permanent consultant in san francisco. i felt come pelleted to come here today is support the reappointment of her. she's been a great addition and i'd like to see her continue her work. the commission is in a great
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position there's been a lot of outreach. this commission agency a whole has conversations up there amongst each other. they're trying to get it right. with the allegations of the legislation from president chiu and supervisor wiener there's better enforcement codes. the education of this particular commissioner she has kind of led the charge in transparency and also with surveillance cameras how their politics in the exterior of the premise and the applicants rights with regards to people who want them inside or they're not mandate but i think that's very, very healthy.
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by no means is the system perfect but at this point in time the commission as a whole with commissioner acres is moving in the right direction and it's a much better relationship with the police department and community as a whole so, please reappoint her and let her continue her work >> any other public comment? seeing none, public comment is closed. colleagues can we have a motion to move this forward to the full board. congratulations ms. acres and thank you for your willingness to serve on that commission. okay item number 2 >> consider appointing 4 members to the commission of
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animal control and welfare there are four seats and 8 applicants. i believe most candidates are here today. i'll call you to the microphone on the list of the agenda. and my office has been alerted that one candidate will not been able to attend so we'll move onto - to mr. york are you here? >> hi i'm james. i came to san francisco about 5
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years ago and my relative married a partner and there was the animal outcome report and it's fantastic what's been done in 40 years this this city in terms of limiting youth in asia. in 1974 i opened a store and it's kind of a hippie thing i went on from there selling birds
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and a trying to do what i thought was right and i think it's time for me to give back to the city. i know how to rehome animals and work with people. and i have a business accepts and that's basically, it >> thanks. supervisor cowen >> could you audible the investigations and angelss that surround you with animal cruelty. >> last year supervisor campos brought it up he heard some allegation and i don't know what it was about he didn't either. so right after the meeting i went 0 down to ac c and talked
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to the captain. and she looked at through envy record and she said it's a normal thing you get complaints about the store. every year i get 50 or 60 though people a year. i have my report right here. a little bit over once a year i get a complaint and that's it >> can you give us an example of what are the nature of the complaints. >> okay. this is a type of
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parrot. an inspector came in and i woke the bird up. we all get complaints up here. but you've never been found guilty never been a fine levied against you >> no. >> thank you very much mr. chair. >> our office has received a number of complaints on vicious dangers what are some improvements you'll make. >> i don't hear that vicious
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what? >> dangers. >> that's a hard one. animal control takes care of of it. if a d is threatening it should be put down i mean, if $0.31 it's really vicious that's how i think >> is that it? >> next person on the agenda. >> no, i want to thank you for allowing me to be here today. i've been involved in san francisco in this form or fashion for 15 years >> you want to pull that
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closer. >> wow. that's funny. i've been involved in rescue for the better part of 15 years. i currently run founded and run my own rescue we concentrate on black cats and dangers. that's the experience i think i'd like to speak about today it's brought me a lot of experience so far as relationships with variance and shelter and directors with the
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management of the volunteers in foster homes. it's been a big lesson in the last 3 years how to inexact with people and how i think it translates to service open the commission we say collaborate, coordinate and do it with reason. those are elements i would bring to this position if it were to happen >> okay. thank you. any questions >> i'll ask you the same question. complaints we get at my office on vicious and danger dangers what would you do with the issues >> i think dangerous and
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vicious are different terms. there's a reason for the viciousness and my personal belief would be as the other gentleman said animal control has a pretty good permeate bus there's always room for assessment and improvement. i think that off the top of my head i think it's a case by case basis. but that mind the safety of the population would obviously come first >> what motivated you to get into the program.
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>> i was actually recruited by the demeanor at the time. and i got involved because i went out into my background and a there were a lot of eye' d staring up at me and so i get the animals fixed. i still work with the spc a but that's where it begins with me. although my mother will tell you i was always dragging home a a stray cat >> could you talk about what you see the role of the animal
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commission and welfare being. >> i can say what i've observed. the law animal community rescues veterans also so they i see it as a up to the present time to participate and to in a civilian capacity and to i know u, you know, bring whatever experience one has to the commission hopefully - i'm sorry. i'm nervous.
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i've never done this before. to hopefully improve upon our cities policy and procedures with regards to our animals wide and domestic. does that make sense? okay >> i'm trying to understand if you have a deep understanding as to what you're asking to get yourself into. i'm looking at your experience in the rescue but i'm trying to understand if you understand the mission the purpose of this body and the greater picture of san francisco. so how does. welfare hem shape policy when it comes to animals care in san
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francisco. convince me, you know what you're doing >> at any time simple; right? >> at any time my understanding the commission puts forgot idea it's discussed and presents it to supervisors after consideration there's a decision made and then it's presented to you for further consideration. >> thank you. >> seeing no other questions thank you very much. next person on agenda is laura. are you here? russel?
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>> good afternoon and thank you for allowing me this opportunity. i'm a proud pit bull guardian. my work experience make that he precisely the type of san francisco person for the job. i studied animal rights and welfare i was fortunately studying underneath experienced folks concerning animals. i used my studies to work in the protection and welfare business. i use my korean influence to be the kind of individual this
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requires. i have countless meetings i've attended and it gives me insight. i was the director at the oce ocean oceanic society. and perhaps my volunteer experience i'm the most proud of and why i'm extremely qualified to serve. i first encountered animals in the pause weekly because i like that service. i've witnessed time and time again how the pause program has helped folks. my dire work helps me to be able to answer a variety of